Father Knows Best: Season 2

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(as of Aug 21,2020 18:45:22 UTC – Details)

Robert Young returns to the head of the dinner table to play the patriarch of America s most beloved family in Season Two of Father Knows Best.

During Season Two a growing number of families were tuning in to see what kind of trouble Bud (Billy Gray) was going to get into next, how Kathy (Lauren Chapin) was handling growing up, whether Betty (Elinor Donahue) and her boyfriend would breakup and how Margaret (Jane Wyatt) would inevitably hold the family together. A day in the life of the Andersons was a 1950s suburban dream come true.

Bonus Features:

The Teacher From Robert Young s very next TV series, Window On Main Street

Robert Young Pilot: Stagecoach To Yuma (12/7/1955)

Extended FKB Flashback Episode: First Disillusionment (11/16/1959)

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